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3D Scanner

For a simple and fast 3D digitizer solutions see our optical scanner system No Load or Full Load.

Complete Software

Pedformance Clinical Software, the simplest way to get the right biomechanics Correction.

Mathematical server

Full automatic 3D orthotics modeling a Pedformance technology.

Milling process

Optimized your time with the complete solution.

Connect To Server

With versatil tool you will be able to:

  • Order peronalized plantar orthotics from the "3D scan"
  • Manage your patients, their assements and orthotics
  • Create biomechanic historical as well as medical reports
  • Monitore the production of your orders in real time

Transmit Data

Once the data is gathered by the orthotist at the clinic, it is then forwarded on to our central fab via internet (24/7/365), where mathematical server, Goliath, confirms its receipt and proceeds with the fabrication of the orthotic device as per the clinician's specifications.

The computer-assisted design and manufatureing procedures are carried out by highly effient programs capable of producing 3D orthotic devices customized to suit a patient's particular foot pathology.

This entirely computered process allows for the manufacture of precision orthotics.

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